Processes - Water JettingSandblasting Services use a powerful and custom-built variable pressure plant to jet water onto dirt-laden walls and floors. Water Jetting is appropriate when delicate surfaces require cleaning, where city centre contamination is defacing buildings and where the risk of airborne particulates must be minimised.

Water Jetting

Water jetting is a process often associated with drain cleaning. However, we use water jetting to clean buildings at the lowest effective pressure to both clean and rinse by neutralising any cleaning agents which have previously been applied to soften and clean the dirt from the building.

We have a variety of hot and cold machines specifically designed for the required tasks. In the event that a building has been wet-blasted, water jetting rinses off the slurry effect caused by the operation.

  • Town Halls
  • Concrete Car Park Ramps
  • Brick and Stonework in General

The choice of the correct method of cleaning a structure will be determined by the makeup of the building elevations. The experience of the operator will be paramount to ensure a sympathetic cleaning of the building or structure.

Water Jetting Environmental Grime Maximum Effect & Minimal Impact
Water Jetting Environmental Grime Maximum Effect & Minimal Impact
Water Jetting
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