Services - Stone CleaningPollution and reaction to the atmosphere takes its toll on buildings made of stone and cleaning them to the highest standards requires years of experience. Stone cleaning by Sandblasting Services can return your building to its former character and help to preserve fine architectural detail.

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Stone Cleaning

Many of our important buildings are constructed of stone and years of built-up grime and pollution gradually eats into the surface of the stone. Cleaning such prized buildings calls for a highly-experienced team, able to manage large-scale projects and to work sympathetically to return the exterior to its original state.

Cleaning stonework should always be a wet process i.e. thoroughly rinsing the surface with either a nebulous spray bar or a low pressure water jet to soften the dirt and then brushing and further jetting to remove the dirt. Biodegradable additives are sometimes required to complete the job.

Marble and polished surfaces are cleaned similarly using mild detergents and water. Marble is extensively used in Embassies and Local Authority buildings and we are regularly asked about successful methods of cleaning these surfaces.

Luton Town Hall

This was a project which specifically demanded the use of water without the use of chemical additives because it was impossible to contain the water run-off. Some elevations, where diesel fumes from buses had become ingrained in the stone, were particularly challenging.

Our techniques proved effective, as can be seen by the following pictures and the client was delighted with the transformation.

Luton Town Hall before cleaning Luton Town Hall after cleaning
Luton Town Hall before cleaning Luton Town Hall after cleaning
Stone Cleaning
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