Locations - Steelwork FabricationsWe have the capacity to grit blast and paint steelwork within existing buildings or as new fabrications prior to erection. This can be structural steelwork, a fire escape or metal-frame windows. We can supply a complete paint system, be it a protective or fire resistant intumescent coating.

Steelwork Fabrications

Many farm buildings are now being converted to office space or light industrial units. During the necessary complete refurbishment, the steel frames are cleaned and repainted. This can include reinstatement after fire damage.

The pictures on this page show an external staircase which was suffering corrosion and therefore had an inherent safety problem. We grit blasted the structure, replaced landing plates and repainted the whole structure. You will note the necessity to protect the brickwork and glazing of the building prior to the works commencing. We carried out the whole procedure.

Another popular requirement is blasting & painting of railings, gates & camera platforms etc. We have recently been successfully involved in these works for the new Emirates Stadium for Arsenal Football Club. The work involved off-site blasting and protective and decorative painting in club colours.

Primed Fabricated Steelwork Staircase After Blasting & Painting
Primed Fabricated Steelwork Staircase After Blasting & Painting
Steelwork Fabrications
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