About Us - QualitySandblasting Services has built an enviable reputation as a quality blast cleaning contractor since its formation in 1968.


Sandblasting Services' clients have come to "Expect the best" in blast cleaning from our business. Our enviable reputation for quality blast cleaning has grown throughout London and the Home Counties as a direct result of the pride we take in every job undertaken. Our reputation continues to grow as we regularly work within the boundaries of tight technical specifications and rigorous project timelines.

A quality blast clean can only be achieved by using first class materials and quality blast cleaning plant. Our blast cleaning plant and equipment has been specifically configured by us to offer maximum flexibility and portability which, when combined with our many years of experience, few companies can match.

The Yellow Pages is crammed full of blast cleaning companies so what distinguishes Sandblasting Services from the rest?

  • We take pride in every blast clean
  • We use quality blast clean materials
  • We take on jobs others cannot manage
  • We have a genuine passion for our work


Our commitment to quality blast cleaning goes hand in hand with our commitment to the environment. Sandblasting Services holds a waste carrier's licence and we are proud of our public safety record, recognising that public and staff safety are paramount. Relevant risk assessments are undertaken to ascertain which safety measures such as scaffolding, sheeting, barriers and caution signage are to be employed. We will also enter into discussions with neighbours to make them aware of possible disturbance and the durationof the work.

Our commitment to the environment may be demonstrate through our investment in soda blasting - an environmentally friendly blast cleaning process that is suited to the gentle cleaning of steel, brick, stone, hardwood, aluminum and fibreglass amongst other materials.

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