Processes - Protective CoatingSandblasting Services has a great deal of experience of the protective coating of structural and ornamental steelwork and can blast clean, prime and coat on-site and off-site from our Luton base. From gantries to girders all of our work is carried out with the utmost care and understanding.

Protective Coating

Protective coatings are industrial quality paints specifically designed to create a system to protect and sometimes to enhance the look of fabrications of different metals. The phrase also covers the low pressure application of silicone sealants to brick and stonework to repel damp.

We have shot-blasted and painted high pressure pipelines and AGI installations for the gas industry at various locations throughout the country.This kind of project work is a clear indication of the depth of expertise and services we can offer.

Blasted Metal Lamp Post Prepared For Protective Coating
Blasted Metal Lamp Post Prepared For Protective Coating
Protective Coating
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