Services - Paint SprayingWe offer clients a comprehensive off-site paint spraying service which is a natural progression from grit blasting and which lends itself to the protection and restoration of architectural steelwork and commercial vehicles.

Paint Spraying

Although we apply protective coatings to all manner of equipment and fabrications in the industrial sector, our dedicated team also has the capability to carry out finer finish projects on more easily transportable items.

The picture at the top of the page is of a Readymix concrete lorry the customer had purchased from another concrete company. After grit blasting the chassis, barrel and equipment, the cab was prepared and the whole vehicle repainted.

  • Structural Steelwork Paint Spraying
  • Commercial Vehicle Paint Spraying
  • Vehicle Chassis, Bodywork & Wheels

The pictures below of a horse trailer repainted for a local farmer to match his Range Rover, illustrate a typical paint spraying job.

Horse Box As Found After Paint Spraying
Horse Box As Found After Paint Spraying
Paint Spraying
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