Locations - Listed BuildingsThe most important consideration when approaching any work on listed buildings is to treat the building with sympathy and care, no matter what type of work is to be carried out.

Listed Buildings

Sandblasting Services have been trusted to undertake the cleaning of many important and valuable listed buildings throughout the Home Counties and London. These include

  • Luton Town Hall
  • (16th Century) Old Sugar Loaf Hotel
  • The Main Gates - Stagenhoe Park
  • The Duke of York's Headquarters

In addition to public listed buildings we are frequently consulted about the cleaning of private listed houses. The experience we have gained over the years enables us to pass our experience on to homeowners of non-listed buildings also as we treat each job with the same high level of care.

Duke of York's Apartments After Sympathetic Cleaning
Duke of York's Apartments After Sympathetic Cleaning
Listed Buildings
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