Locations - Domestic HousesFor private houses, we are often called in to clean the exterior brickwork which is dirty or encrusted with ivy tendrils or painted. We are also asked to clean oak beams and feature brick fireplaces inside older houses.

Domestic Houses

The impact of our work is to project a fresh look for a property which may have become tired over the years.

We will undertake a wide spectrum of projects and we approach each task, however large or small, with the same degree of expertise and attention. We appreciate that we are working in a private home and we endeavour to create the minimum of disruption for the maximum effect.

We are considerate to your neighbours and will always consult and inform them of our intended works. Each job has its own particular protection requirements which we assess on our site visit.

Overflow Pipe Calcium Deposits Bringing Warmth back to a Home
Overflow Pipe Calcium Deposits Bringing Warmth back to a Home
Domestic Houses
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