Processes - Chemical CleaningFor years exterior paint has been applied to the outside of brick buildings to enhance their appearance. However, when these coatings fail, inevitably buildings begin to look shabby. As we now appreciate the beauty of original brick, Sandblasting Services can help to rediscover the character and beauty of a building's exterior and interior walls.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is the application to the surface of a building or structure of the approved cleaning agents, identified during the initial site survey.

Used mostly for the effective cleaning of brick and stone, chemical cleaning is used where water jetting alone may not be satisfactory.

It is important to identify correctly the material to be cleaned so that the appropriate cleaning agent can be used which is compatible with, and will not harm, the material involved. Effective rinsing is also most important.

For those clients concerned about the environmental impact of chemical cleaning we now offer soda blasting as an environmentally friendly blast cleaning process.

Routine Testing and Sampling
Routine Testing and Sampling
Chemical Cleaning
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