Services - Brick CleaningBuildings were originally designed with a specific colour and texture of brick but years of grime can hide the character of any building. The process of brick cleaning helps Sandblasting Services to rediscover the character and beauty of buildings.

Brick Cleaning

Sandblasting Services specialises in the cleaning of brick-built buildings and paint removal from brickwork using a variable pressure brick cleaning system that is suitable for property restoration of all types, including listed buildings.

Brick often needs to be cleaned as a result of a gradual build up of both environmental grime and traffic pollution on public, commercial and domestic buildings. Brick cleaning may be required as part of a renovation or restoration project and we operate as a main contractor and as a sub-contractor on a wide variety of projects.

  • Building Facades
  • Domestic Housing
  • Walls & Bridges

A typical brick cleaning job will begin with a site survey to inspect the surfaces to be cleaned and assess which approach will be best suited to the conditions and the environment. Some bricks (Gaunts especially) are notoriously more difficult to clean than others. Dirty brick cleaning is nearly always performed by the application of approved cleaning agents which are allowed to 'work', followed by rinsing off and neutralising. Any windows and glazed doors are protected with polythene and waterproof tape.

Before Brick Cleaning After Brick Cleaning
Before Brick Cleaning After Brick Cleaning
Brick Cleaning
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