Processes - Blast CleaningWe blast clean tired brickwork, stone and oak beams to give them a new lease of life. From building and fabricated steel refurbishments to listed building restoration, we blast clean with care and consideration.

We have over 40 years blast cleaning expertise and are continually evolving our systems, equipment and processes. Find out about our new and environmentally friendly soda blasting process.

Blast Cleaning

Blast Cleaning is the forcing of an abrasive media by compressed air onto a surface to either clean or remove a failed coating or corrosion. Pressure is varied dependent upon the amount of contamination to be removed. Differing grades of blast media with different abrasive qualities are chosen for a specific task.

It is imperative to choose an experienced operative to carry out work, in order to ensure the correct methods are used.

Sandblasting Services has been in business since 1968 and we are a contractor you can trust to complete your work satisfactorily and efficiently with consideration for the environment. Our belief is that you should "Expect The Best".

The photo at the top of the page shows one of our operatives wearing his protective clothing and the air-fed helmet required by the current HSE legislation.

  • Fully Trained Operatives
  • Full Compliance With HSE Legislation

Below are before and after pictures of a vaulted ceiling in a stable block which was being converted to a domestic dwelling. The client was delighted with the results our blast cleaning team achieved.

Vault Ceiling Before Blast Cleaning Vault Ceiling After Blast Cleaning
Vault Ceiling Before Blast Cleaning Vault Ceiling After Blast Cleaning
Blast Cleaning
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